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Application for Changing Major in Academic Year 2023

Application for Changing Major in Academic Year 2023

Date: From May 9, 2023 to June 6, 2023

Please fill in the application form from academic information System and print it out. The application form should be duly approved by the Chair and the advising professor. The application forms shall be sent to the Division of Registration before June 6, 2023, other submittals shall be sent to the IPHD office.
Other submittals include,
1) Research Plan (including topic, research methodology, expected output) and annual plan.
2) Transcripts
3) The recommendation letter from the expected advisor after transferring

The office will arrange an interview after applying.

The announcement from the division of registration


申請時間:112 年 5 月 9 日至 6 月 6 日

1) 讀書計畫(研究主題、研究方法、預期成果)及分年規劃表
2) 歷年成績單
3) 轉入後預計之指導教授推薦信



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